CORTEZ YACHT CHARTERS , in cooperation with THE BILLFISH FOUNDATION’s ongoing efforts to provide educational information and scientific research data for the preservation of billfish resources throughout the world, encourages each angler to consider the releasing of billfish during their respective sportfishing charters. We believe in and support the adage, “LET’EM GO – LET’EM GROW”. Our goal is to increase angler awareness for “Catch & Release” and conservation of the oceans resources, with a special focus on the various billfish species and we unequivocally support membership in this prestigious organization. Please access their website at for wide ranging information on the billfish resources, educational programs, socio-economic studies, tag & release programs and of course, membership information.

Each of the sportfishing companies we work with, from San Diego and throughout Mexico, have agreed to encourage the release of billfish in their respective fishing areas, and you only need to let your skipper know when you leave the dock that you wish to release your billfish during the charter.

THE BILLFISH FOUNDATION is recognized by governments worldwide as the leading authority on billfish resources in all of the oceans and adheres to a “conservation through research” approach across the globe. Our involvement, (both yours and ours) with this scientific organization will allow for continued educational research programs and will be an investment in billfish for the future that will ensure the continuous availability of billfish for our children’s children…..