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Charter flight, what you need to know before you go?

  1. What is a charter flight?

A charter flight is a flight chartered by a tour operator to operate one or more one-time flights on a specified date, outside of scheduled flight slots. It can fly for a single return trip or a more extended period, up to a full season.

As they are not scheduled flights, these flights are not scheduled well in advance and departure times can sometimes be quite unusual. A charter flight is likely to take off at any time of the day and night, depending on the slots available at the airports. Once the take-off time has been determined, the tour operator informs the passengers, sometimes belatedly. The ticket is purchased from service providers established on the Internet and not from airlines.

  1. Which aircraft are used on charter flights?

For these flights, the aircraft are rented to companies that have aircraft available for the desired period. Rows of lower-class seats usually replace First-class seats with filling the plane to the maximum. If not all places are sold, they can be resold to other tour operators.

  1. Which destinations are served by charter flights?

In France, charter flights are mainly chartered for specific destinations around the Mediterranean, but it should be noted that these aircraft can fly any type of Flight, Short or long haul, to any destination. Some destinations are better served because of high demand. In recent years, long-haul charter flights to the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Kenya, and Senegal are particularly popular.

  1. Is a charter flight cheaper than a regular flight?

Charter flights do not always offer more economic advantages than scheduled flights, especially on the busiest dates. Good deals are only available during off-peak periods. Prices vary according to supply and demand.

  1. Is the security the same as on a regular flight?

An aircraft destined for a charter flight is subject to the same safety rules as any other aircraft. These safety rules depend on the nationality of the airline. If the plane is of French nationality, it will be subject to European Union standards. A charter aircraft is therefore as reliable as an aircraft used for a regular flight.

  1. How does traveling on a charter flight differ from a regular flight?

The passenger will feel the difference in the level of onboard service. The majority of services are paid for, and facilities are kept to a minimum.

  1. What are the particularities related to the purchase of this type of ticket?

When purchasing a ticket, it is wise to be aware of the purchasing and reimbursement conditions that are often specific to each flight. If a traveler wishes to change one of the dates of his trip on a charter flight, he will generally encounter more difficulties than on a regular flight and will have to make more restrictive arrangements.

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